W e l c o m e . . . t o . . t h e . . F o r e s t . .

The lovely times that you must have..mostly all out of reach.

What will you try today in lessons learned from past mistakes? In legaleseing mumble jumble, the words escape your skewed attention. Something off by the shimmering corner of your eye...it's not the way it was when you look in that direction. Maybe so it wasn't what it didn't seem before, and maybe you just think you saw what wasn't anymore.

Try to escape the tell-tale telling of tales..and all that entails... Though it would be so convenient if everything was all black and white. It isn't. Life isn't as simple as stone and silk. Strife sends ripples through all you have built. Take me down, to the currents of soliloquy.

straying from the path..

Falling away
and letting

So when you venture even further, so far you can't be seen... You've got to keep on searching for that stuff beyond the bean. You help along the helpless, then you're swimming through the pond, take a leave of senses, so you can at least go on. When you finally find yourself, in place you never thought.. Check your healthy back-bone just to see if you've been bought.

If you care enough to send the best, then why is it so hard to rest? You threw out all the fenleaves, you cultured all the fronds. What could be left to swibble when your raykins all are brawned? You then think back, so very back, to when you were a plorb. But when you think of titter-tat you remember vreeble torb. So what's to do, when neebles goo, and shreebles deeble ron....you're left with queeb and leedle-feeb, and the yarbles that they yon.